Review : Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Today was a special day and probably a beginning of a new journey in my otherwise systematic, mundane and repetitive lifestyle. I got myself a date with a beauty who dressed herself in coppery gold.

My previous standoffs have been quite fast and speedy, fast come fast go; not a hint of seriousness. But this time I wanted to take this occasion a bit more seriously, take my time and ensure I study, learn and grow over my little new found love.

She smelt like caramel, and carried a smoky, spicy scent with a citrusy freshness that hid behind these strong notes. She was not that potent, but strong enough to keep whispering into my ears, which made me wanting more.

I placed my lips against her, and wham! This was certainly a profound experience, a sweet caramel with a woody tang, very different from the locals I’ve been with. There was a certain heat that lingered on even after I kept my distance and yet I could taste that slight tinge of sweetness that stuck for quite some time.

I’ve had a second stint with her and that certainly did not disappoint. She’s a keeper, at least until I find another one that trumps this Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.


Matured for 12 years and made from Scotland’s blend of aged grain and malt whiskeys, this whisky has been around for quite some time and has taken a liking by more than a few. It’s made of a blend of 25 whiskies, all of which have matured in their homely ‘wooden casks’ for a minimum of 12 years which not only gives it its golden color but also its woody taste. I doubt whether this has been chill filtered, as I did notice the haze when I had it on the rocks. But to me it really does not make all that much of a difference.

The bottle is sturdy with a somewhat old-fashioned guise, very similar to its younger relative, The Centenary, and certainly adds to its history. At room temperature this ‘water of life’ isn’t overpowering, and not overly aggressive. You get sweet notes of sherry, caramel, and a bit of honey, along with spicy pepper and slight hints of citrus. The whisky isn’t dry and comes with a fruity and sweet flavor. Sipping the alcohol brings the smoky smack, which is characteristic of scotch whiskies along with a woody caramel taste and a slight silky feel. The after burn and the warm sensation are not all that pronounced with the Triple Gold Reserve; one which I could take a fancy to.

Overall, this is quite a good whisky, especially when most of the local brands are made of molasses and less from barley, wheat or grain. This could also serve as a good entry for novice drinkers who want to venture into scotch. The taste is appealing and you can certainly enjoy drinking this either neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water. You might also want to add this into your cocktails or drown it with water.

P.S: There’s also a story behind the origin of the name ‘Black Dog’…something you might want to google!

Score: 81


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  1. Krishnakant says:

    This was a super sexy description of my favorite scotch. I am although trying the triple gold for the first time and your blog made me confirm it.

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  2. Donnie says:

    Thanks Krishnakant for both the read and the comments! The Triple Gold was my first venture into whisky tasting and so is special to me!


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