Review : Glenfiddich 15 YO Distillery Edition

If there was ever a single malt that had to be plucked out of memory, chances are Speyside’s most renowned scotch, The Glenfiddich would brace our ears. Famous for their 12 YO expression, well known for their innovative solera vat maturation and loved for their extended post blending marrying techniques, the distillery is no stranger to fame and fortune.

The Distillery Edition, available at travel retail stores is an expression that differs from the distillery’s current mainstream 15 YO. Bottled at higher strengths and non chill filtered, this whisky isn’t vatted in solera tuns, but is a blend of whiskies matured in previously filled oloroso sherry and bourbon barrels. What is common however is the artificial colouring (lol!!) and the triangular bottling, with the exception of the labelling – featuring the distillery’s pagodas against the grey backdrop.

And what better time to sip it than in the cold chilly winters, while in the comfort of your home, sitting with legs upright, hugged by the sofa with the warmth echoing from the overhead heater. The legs of the whisky, the golden shimmer as light bounces of its surface and the crisp feel as it flows from lips to mouth to throat, is divine!

Glenfiddich_Distillery Edition_Review

ABV : 51%

Eye: Deep gold

Nose: Sherry, vanilla and butter cream followed by the sweetness of honey, banana bits and orange peels. Oak and nuances of milk chocolate are trailed by nutmeg, ginger and pepper.

Taste: Sweet and rich vanilla-raisin cake with a drizzle of caramel followed by hints of smoke. Tropical fruits with traces of melon are infused in a hue of sherried influences topped with spice and a sprinkle of cardamom.

Finish: Medium | Sherry accompanied with warmth

Review_Glenfiddich_Distillery Edition

The Distillery Edition is crisp and rich, with a love affair embrassing sherried influences. For a speyside whisky, this expression checks all the boxes hosting a depth of flavours emanating more so from the european casks with subtle tropical nuances in and about. The higher proof ensures more robust natural flavours, while also opening the doors for a wee bit of water should you wish to open the spirit.

All in all, a delectable dram delivering depth and flavour with a medium to long finish. A fine whisky for whatever the weather, be it the windy winters or the sunny summers.



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