Review : The Glendronach Forgue 10 Year Old

I was pleasantly surprised on my way back from Singapore when I found this sherry affinite whisky standing in the midst of other highlanders – the expression is currently available at travel retail stores. I’ll be honest, the Glendronach paints itself a very large picture, and I’ve never been fortunate to give this a try, for a variety of reasons.

“Forgue” is where the Glendronach distillery calls home, a valley situated to the east of the highlands. The distillery gives its due, naming the expression after it, while also handing out generous real estate on its bottle labelling. The whisky is matured in a combination of Olorosso and Pedro Xiemenez casks for a minimum of 10 years, giving it a rich copper-golden hue free from caramel colouring and chill filtration.

Review_Glendronach 10

ABV : 43%

Eye: Burnished to Chestnut-Olorosso

Nose: A lovely amalgamation of brown sugar, raisins, caramel and maple syrup with a mild earthiness that is interrupted subtly by lush plum cake, cocoa and black currents. Reminents of pepper and menthol trailing towards the end.

Taste: Caramel and sultanas followed by black currents and sherried influences. Some dark chocolates, surrounded with the richness of dried fruits, wood and a hint of mint and cardamom.

Finish: Dry, caramel with bits of sherry.

The 10 might be one of the youngest in the long line of expressions from the distillery, but manages to live up to its name. The spirt has a viscoscity that seems to extend beyond its age with the appearance of long legs flowing down the walls of the glass. The flavour profile is young, rich and adequately complex, but if I were to critic, I felt the whisky to be mildly watered down.

The price however is positioned at the painfully higher end of the spectrum, especially considering the spirit is quite young at 10 years old – i’m sure the brand brings with it the jacked up prices. All in all, there is no reason to sideline the Dronach 10 as it represents fair depth and complexity with a variety of sherried influences on the palate.



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