Review: Jura 10 Origin

This post Christmas season, I chose to take a trip to visit the folks; a few thousand kilometers and a continent away – to Kerala, the southern state of India with a close proximity to the equator. If you would think a visit to the northern hemisphere would usher the cool winter breeze or the soft moist laden dew, you would be wrong. Here everyday is like a 24×7 sauna, with the sole consolation being you have the benefit of being blessed with soft clean skin and open pores!

However having said that, this state has its charm, seldom comparable to other states – spices and curries that will make you weak in the knees; lovely backwaters and hill-stations with temperatures an easy 15 degrees Celsius apart; green splattered flora on either side of the road – No wonder they call this tropical nest, God’s Own Country. This is also the place where my son gets to meet both his great grandparents and his grandparents; not to mention a sneak look into the past, artefacts that were used during their times, some of which still are.

Ten hot and humid days later, but with memories new and renewed, the next and final leg of the vacations meant having to make a quick stop at Pune, 1.5k kms towards the north of Kerala. Above sea level and much cooler, this was the kind of weather I so preferred. And here is where I got the chance to review the Jura 10 Origin with a couple of my mates!

The distillery takes its name from the Isle of Jura, an island off the western coast of Scotland. Housing a very small community, a single road and a handful of small mom and pop shops, the distillery representing very much the core of the island. The distillery was reborn in 1963 in an effort to rejuvenate the economy, after being decommissioned in 1884 and again in 1900.

The bottle has a very distinct look, which to some might seem appeasing. Personally, I am not a fan and beauty as they say is in the eyes of the beholder, and I dont find this figure 8 shaped bottle very appealing. However, what is cool and intriguing is the celtic symbol – the triskele, representing birth, beginnings and the forces of nature. Makes sense now why the expression is called the Origin, reflecting the rebirth of the distillery.

ABV: 40%

Maturation: Ex-bourbon barrel

Eye: Amontillado Sherry |Artificial Colouring

Nose : A mild sweetness emanating from a mix of cantaloupe, raisins, banana and cream. A bit of lemon zest on the nose is followed by peat, pencil shavings and charred wood. Soy sauce, tamarind and hints of tobacco lighten to reveal moist green pepper.

Taste: Caramel, coconut and wheat are greeted by traces of honey and dark chocolate. There’s a faint but evident peaty, leather undertone thats ends with tamarind and pepper.

Finish: Short to medium | Caramel with mild peat

The Jura Origin is interesting with a host of tropical flavours emanating from the palate. It is light and delicate with a pinch of peat that adds that additional depth. This 10 YO expression is quite heavy for an relatively low aged whisky and appropriately sweetened- balanced by the earthiness and mild peaty notes.

On the downside it is a bit 1D, the nose being the bigger highlight, but yet a dram one could try. Priced a bit high, offering decent VFM is the Jura 10 Origins.