Review : Copper Dog

A name quite distinct, that it hardly resonates with whisky or anything closely related to it…or does it? The Copper Dog is a sneaky little contraption, born out of humanity’s oldest emotion – greed. The Copper Dog is a copper tube that is soldered with a coin on one end and a cork to seal the other, the intent to pick-pocket a few drams worth of whisky while at the distillery to make for a pleasurable drink while at work or to sip on the way home!

In reality, the whisky gets its name from a bar at the Craigellachie Hotel. The hotel itself was built in 1893, housed comfortably in the heart of speyside and is home to several pubs, many of which have a global appeal . It was here where the idea to create an expression that represented this rich history took birth. The whisky is a blend of eight malts, aged in a combination of first fill and refill ex-bourbon barrels in combination with European barrels before being finished in larger hogshead casks, that housed bourbon previously.

Review_Copper Dog

Batch: 16/0673

ABV : 40%

Eye: Old Gold | Caramel coloured

Nose: Barley and vanilla, with the sweetness of honey and fruits – pomegranates, red apples and raisins. Mild hints of dried fruits along with a woody nuance is soon replaced by some zest with an earthy, peppery spice towards the end.

Taste: Thin and amateurish, with bits of vanilla, honey and pepper, followed by a mild warmth.

Finish: Fruity, with a subtle sweetness.

Copper Dog_Review

A rather weak whisky that fails to deliver; owing to the use of younger, amateur spirits in the blend that has somewhat convoluted the final outcome. However in all fairness, the whisky might need to be interpreted differently as its intention might have been more aligned to serve as a highball, or a cocktail and not as a drink straight up.

The whisky has a fairly decent nose though hosting a limited range. On the palate however, it is weaker with a narrow spectrum of flavours, with a range that is more universal and crowd pleasing as a mixer. At around $50 AUD, it isn’t value for money and there are certainly a better array of options to chose from your local liquor store.

Preference : Best served with cocktails.



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