Review : Launceston Tawny Cask

Another Aussie dram up for review, this one a native brew from the Shark Tooth shaped island of Tasmania! The Launceston distillery is the first legal distillery to be built out of Launceston ever since the Distillation Prohibition Act of 1839 was passed. Situated at the oldest aviation building at the Launceston airport; Hangar 17 became home to the distillery in the year 2015.

This distillery was built from the ground up using locally sourced produce; be it the ‘whisky triad‘ of water sourced from the the nearby river body, yeast or locally grown barley, to the copper wash and spirit stills, or the casks in which their whisky hibernates silently building on its distinct nature, evolving in character.

The distillery hand crafts all their expressions, keeping close to tradition, limiting themselves to small batches. This particular expression, the Tawny Cask, is made from whisky matured in self sourced French oak barrels that previously held fortified Tawny wine (aka Australian port).

ABV : 46%

Eye : Amber | Non Chill filtered, No Caramel Colouring

Nose : Caramel and maple syrup coupled by a rich clump of honeycomb. Some woody influences are interrupted with bits of raisins, blueberries and a tinge of melons followed by cardamom tea, ginger and pepper.

Taste : Sweet and light but with a mild spicy chilly heat emanating from the back of the palate. Malty thick brown sugar is infused with dark sultanas, berries and hot mocha. Oaky and dry with an earthy tinge of spicy green pepper and cinnamon.

Finish: Caramel, sugar soaked prunes and raisins with a pinch of spice.

The palate starts of sweet giving you the feel of biting into a drippy rum ‘n raisins cake with a mild dryness from the port wine influences on the whisky. There are layers to its flavour and the maturation has certainly added appeal. However, if I were to tell off, it would the lack of breadth to the profile. It is an enjoyable spirit with a lovely deep, rich sweetness but does leave you somehow wanting more. This one reminds me of an aperitif and will be loved by those with a sweet tooth and a love for port.



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