Review : Tamdhu 12 YO

This month’s review continuous with an expression from the Tamdhu distillery, this one being the younger sibling of the 15 YO and a replacement of their core 10 YO. As is the case with all expressions from the distillery, this being no different, is aged exclusively in sherry oak casks, giving it full potential to qualify as a sherry bomb and possibly contention to the likes of Aberlour, Glendronach and the Macallans!

The distillery began this association with Sherry in 1898, procuring casks from bodegas in Spain and have ever since kept with this ‘aging‘ tradition. With time, the availability of sherry casks have been dwindling with costs heading north, and the distillery like others now season their American and European casks with Sherry for months before maturing their whisky. The 12 is matured in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks using a combination of first fill and refill American and European oak barrels which have been seasoned previously in Jerez. This seasoning allows for the wood to absorb much of the characteristics of the residing sherry, taking in as much as 35 litres by volume, as per Tamdhu’s distillery manager, Sandy McIntyre.

ABV : 43%

Eye : Deep cooper to burnished | Non Chill filtered, Natural colouring.

Nose : Caramel, bread and some malt, the richness of golden raisins accompanied by some earthiness, brine. Some honey begins to emerge in the midst of red apples, berries and some woodiness and soy, cinnamon.

Taste : Caramel and marshmellows with bits of nougat. Fruity with a fusion of red grapes, stone fruits, sultanas and some tropical nuances. A bit of spice with a sprinkle of white pepper .

Finish: Short | Caramel, some spice with sherried influences.

On taking the first few whiffs, I did feel my mouth beginning to water. With a bountiful nose, and a fruity delivery on the palate, the 12 YO is rich and flavourful with good depth and decent breadth. However it does begin to thin out with time and I would have enjoyed this even more if it had a longer delivery across the palate with the addition of some spice.

The Tamdhu 12 isn’t as expensive as the Glendronach or a Macallan, but comparable to the Aberlour. However, in terms of flavour it does stand close to the Macallan in my opinion but not as robust as the other two. At AUD $84, it is a good buy, aligning close to what you would expect from a sherry bomb missing just by a hairline.

Preference : This one isnt very potent and hence can be had neat



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