Review : Talisker Skye

My experience with the Isle of Skye has been somewhat unamusing, the Dark Storm an average dram and the Talisker 10 though backed by popular demand and a robust fan following, fell just short of checking all the boxes, quite mundane. The Skye, an expression sharing similar ground as the other two comes in as this month’s review; is it redemption or deprivation, read on…

Introduced in early 2015, the Skye is a whisky without an aged statement, introduced at a time when NAS expressions began to gather more ground. The whisky is positioned between the 10 YO and the Storm and is matured in refill and toasted american oak barrels, made from peated barley. The Skye is made to be less intense and less peatier than the Storm, but still very maritime and true to the Talisker fabric.

ABV : 45.8 %

Eye : Amontillado sherry

Nose : Vanilla and char, accompanied by smoked wood with a pinch of green pepper. Raisins, nuts and prunes, honey and sundried tomatoes, infused with brine and moist tobacco.

Taste : Vanilla cupcakes and cream, brown sugar with hints of smoke and peat; raisins, bay leaves and scented wood, followed by a comforting warmth with maritime and earthy influences tightly intertwined.

Finish : Medium | Sweetness from the vanilla with a lovely peaty aftertaste

The Skye starts off crisp and young, infused with bits of maritime, and warmed with just enough peat leading to a brief shower of earthiness and smoke. Medium bodied with a good depth of flavours, the whisky is very enjoyable, spirited and uncomplicated. Not too long a finish but still well packaged with good restraint, a good mouth feel and a pleasant play of flavours on both the nose and the palate. At around AUD $100 for a 1 litre, this whisky is decently priced and good value for money.

Preference : Good on its own, or even with a few drops of water and even possibly as a highball.



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