Review : Auchentoshan Triple Wood

Situated on the outskirts of Glasgow and established in 1823, this lowland distillery had fallen prey to the atrocities of World War II, suffering damages to property, losing a warehouse as a result of one of many German bombing raids, forcing them to temporarily shut down production and re-open later.

The distillery typically differs from the usual Highland, Speyside or Islay whiskies, in the sense that they are triple distilled. This additional distillation introduces a lighter and delicate influence on the whisky, while also giving it a higher proof, meaning a lowered base profile for the wood to work on. This makes Lowland whiskies much more palatable for newcomers or those venturing out into whiskies.

Oh BTW, the distillery if you might have guessed is the Auchentoshan, Glasgow’s very own single malt spirit. The Triple Wood expression was introduced in 2002, influenced by a variety of wood; first aged in ex-bourbon American oak, followed by ex-olorosso barrels and finally seasoned in Pedro Xiemenes casks. And this varied maturation should be reason enough to misrepresent an otherwise light and subtle triple distilled spirit, or so we shall find out. The expressions keeps with the traditional Auchentoshan contours but comes refurbished in a bold black ‘n blue labelling; it however does exhibit a darker than dark hue for a NAS whisky, making it apparent of the use of artificial colouring.

ABV : 43%

Eye : Mahogany | Artificial colouring

Nose : Begins with vanilla and cream, interleaved with raisins, dates and custard with bits of green chilly. There’s a strong influence from the red wine with tropical nuances emanating from peaches, bananas and dried tomatoes. Moist, dense wood, black pepper and  cinnamon shards are mildly enveloped by some menthol that hovers around the nose.

Taste : A fusion of spice and sweetness from dried fruits, vanilla and possibly nutmeg shavings. Malt with caramel, plums, red apple with a mild zest of orange, cupped once again in sherry and moist wood.

Finish : Short to medium | Port wine, with a mix of cinnamon, pepper and warm spice

The Triple Wood, might be matured in a variety of casks but its clear that the Sherry and PX casks have overpowered and defined much of the flavour profile making it very easy to get lost. Though saying that, the expression is lovingly smooth, enjoyable, medium bodied and rich, boasting a handful of depth. A bit of dryness on the palate, but still fruity and sweet with a dash of cinnamon spice sprinkled on top.

You can’t go wrong with this triple distilled tuple, unless you don’t fancy a sherry influenced spirit or one that seems a tad bit sweet and heavy. At around AUD $74, I see this as a buy, boasting great value and a rebuttal possibly for those who find lowland whiskies a “meh”! Now go run to your friendly liquor store, grab one and let me know your thoughts!



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