Review : Highland Park 2001

The Highland Park 2001 is a Global Retail release from the Orkney Island based distillery and another expression within my collection back when I was just beginning my journey appreciating whisky. The collection, which was fuelled by several travels built my fondness for the golden elixir with many feeding my spirited journey, ultimately coming at a cost – nothing more than corks and bottles over a six year period, lol!

Skipping through all my mumbo jumbo, the HP “2001” comes wrapped in the majestic yet butch Highland Park bottling with its Celtic inspired logo. The expression is aptly called so as it marks the year the spirit was distilled. The distillery uses sherry oak casks imported from Spain to age the spirits used in this expression. The spirits from a variety of such casks filled at the time are blended at the distillery to the desired flavour profile and bottled, this being bottled in the year 2012. As is with most expressions from the distillery, this too is void of any artificial colouring and gets its shade from its influence with the Spaniards.

ABV : 40%

Eye : Chestnut olorroso Sherry | Natural Colour

Nose : Rich sweetness from dates, sultanas and plums infused with caramel and honey. A pinch of brine is combined with treated oak, some earthiness and mild winey influence. Leather, sun dried tomatoes, cantaloupe with the spice of white pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and bay leaves

Taste : Rum n raisins, milk chocolate with a drizzle of honey and slices of peaches. Woody with a whisper of brine, the sweetness of raisins and a faint dryness emanating from the sherried influence. Cinnamon, ginger and fruity nauances with hints of smoke prance on the palate

Finish : Medium to long | Dried fruits, cinnamon and a rich sherried influence

Thick, wholesome, well bodied and viscous, the 2001 upholds great substance and depth and is a simple joy ride from start to finish. Retaining all the traditional charachteristics of the Highland Park, the expression still highlights strong nuances and flavours that make it distinct and unique. It can be quite sweet on the palate, but if you can scroll past that, the expression is a standout, one that hosts a bounty of flavours.

At roughly AUD $90, this is such a steal and gives you the opportunity to savour something that comes at such a low price point without really sacrificing anything in terms of flavour. I really dig this one, and I hope you do too!



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