Review : Teacher’s 50

The Teacher’s brand being almost omnipresent in India amongst the foreign liquors, made sense for it to launch this whisky onto Indian shores to celebrate the countries’  glorious 50th year of Independence. Be it the proportion of malt to grain, or the summation of the many whiskies that made this blend, this sibling from the Teacher’s warehouse is all about the number 50!

We’ve previously reviewed the Teacher’s Origin and this time we’ll see how this 12 year old blended scotch stands up to its counterpart.

The 50’s bottle design is almost identical to the Origin, except for the label. As in the case of its older sibling, I feel the bottle lacks the bold and strong arches that would in a way reflect the flavors that many of us know the spirit for.

Teachers 59

Eyes: Dark gold

Nose: The first nosing exposes a blend of burnt vanilla, sugar and sherry. Subsequent attempts reveal fruity notes, such as apples and oranges followed by hints of oak.

Taste: Initially it seems harsh, but then mellows down and brings out the sherry. It isn’t as smoky or peaty as the Origin, but you can certainly identify these flavors; thanks again to the unusually high percentage of malt whisky (Ardmore). The sweetness associated gradually diminishes and leaves your mouth a bit dry. Furthermore, there’s also a slight nutty and spicy after taste that makes the drink enjoyable.

Finish: Long, warm grapey and mildly spicy, like that of black pepper.

The Teacher’s 50 is for someone who wants to stand in the grey, a good go between for those who want to venture into the world of Malt after having done with their share of blends. The Fifty stands right in the middle between the Highland Cream and the Origin and it does please.

The spirit is harsh, but then again the entire Teacher’s siblings do tend to be just that; the only con to me is the sherry that echoes all the way through right from the start till the finish. Again, not a downer since it does have variations in strengths at the various touch points.

Moral of the story: This spirit might not be right at the top; but for the bling, it can certainly sing!



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